Monday, February 22, 2010

Surviving Winter

Sitting here gazing out the window, I'm overwhelmed at the mounds of snow. Twenty-three inches+ have pummeled the area in the last week. And although the last two days have melted away several inches, there are atrocious stacks remaining, some higher than my waist.

It was when I stumbled for coffee this morning, pouring but missing the cup, I realized my brain was as snowbound as the rest of me. Yes, it's true. In my skull there is a snowstorm brewing--flakes are flying, scattered willy nilly and refusing to formulate into anything solid...just swooshing and swirling, fragmented pandemonium, stacking up but only in chaotic heaps.

Ah, I just heard a bump and a crash. That would be more of the white stuff sliding off the roof. My flaky brain feels kinship with the fallen heap. It reaches out to its brother. I find that worrisome.

But on to solving the problem. There are ways. Perhaps I could find a quiet corner and embrace a good book transporting me to another time and place. Or I could vegetate on the sofa with a good movie. Same fix. A game of solitaire? A crossword? Anything to get the neurons shooting, firing off and melting the flying flakes in my head.

A Sudoku! Now that's the ticket...a mind-boggling crash of numbers who refuse to obey. They torment, frustrate, inspire rage. And with rage comes fire, fire to melt the flakes and pump the blood...clarity, not so much. If I had clarity, I would solve the Sudoku, and we all know that isn't going to happen. But the effort will make me alive again. There's nothing like a good Sudoku to set the brain afire. That's the ticket.

Copyright 2010 JO Janoski

Saturday, February 20, 2010


This winter weather demands some inspiration:


Blue marble skies spanning my dreams
across green fields filled with surprise.
Thoughts flow gently like sparkling streams
to sprout and grow before my eyes
like planted seeds of enterprise.
Inspiration shines, draped with sun.
Nature's healing powers arise
in waves of comfort one to one.

Copyright 2010 JO Janoski

Friday, February 05, 2010


feathers aghast
like a bird on a limb
a lady waits
to dance.

Copyright 2010 JO Janoski