Saturday, May 31, 2008

Word Catalyst is Live

Another issue of Word Catalyst is up! What a wonderful issue it is, with Rock Painting (bold, rich animal portraits on rocks), Photography, Poetry, Short Stories, and our group of regular columnists, myself included. What a great way to spend your Sunday morning! Word Catalyst Magazine

Also be sure to order our Keepsake Edition of Inclinations, the Word Catalyst Chapbook.

Here is a snippet from my column, Tales of Whisper Gap, for this month:

"You know. Gertie, perception is a crazy thing--there are two ways to see everything. Mother and I saw that mirror as a beautiful antique, unlike you, who hated it. Oddly, that's the one thing we agreed on." Lee turned away, murmuring, "Wretched old bat, I'm glad she's dead though."

Her animosity toward Mother was the one dark feature of Lee's otherwise pleasant nature. The two battled each other with a vehemence that often resulted in objects hurled and threats made. And, in contrast, Mother always called Gertie her "good girl" her sister's consternation.

Gertie knew there were times when Mother would use her to unwittingly cause grief for Annalee, inspiring her do things to make her sister angry or jealous. Ah, Mother was a legend in her clever ploys!

...Mother's Good Girl- Read entire column.


A comment on today's weather!

Water protests
Rain like ugly masses
Pounding grass in angry turmoil
In May.

Copyright 2008 JO Janoski

Monday, May 26, 2008


Guns by Andy Warhol

Last word
Sheer metal blast
Defense/offense on fire
To whom goes a hearty salute?
You win.

Copyright 2008 JO Janoski

Thursday, May 22, 2008

shoe shine man

black wax
on empty shoes.

just arrived
dirty clumping steps.

in rhythmic
chit chat galore.

to life
as shiny mannequin.

thin air
dusty street corner.

mister clean
shoe shine man.

Copyright 2008 JO Janoski

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Whispering Secrets

Sunlight Under the Poplars by Claude Monet

Whispering Secrets

I walk my heart gathering bits of sun.
Lacy trees sway their limbs in swift hello
while I pleasure in this world of just one
adrift in flower sea orange yellow.

Bird songs drift by on breezes soft yet warm,
air ballerinas twirling on tip toe.
Nature lingering like honey bees swarm,
I'm longing to stay and needing to go.

Life everlasting in fields filled with sun,
and I, an interloper in this dream.
Other-worldly reveries will be spun
after I've gone as sun and wind shall deem.

Flowery fields glisten, shimmer in gold
whispering secrets never to be told.

Copyright 2008 JO Janoski

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Rose Meditative by Salvador Dali

Petulant red tears
Prayer lightning, turbulent skies
Petals exuberant
Poised to obscure a rose's face
Passing by with quiet secrets

Copyright 2008 JO Janoski

Sunday, May 18, 2008


Another rainy day!

Spring days awash
Rushing on swift currents
Before drying out dreamy thoughts

Copyright 2008 JO Janoski

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Beacon in the Night

Corner of the Table by Paul Chabas

Beacon in the Night

Look at her! That shameful black dress with one strap, both bare shoulders exposed. And she's pinned one lonely pink orchid on her bosom, like a beacon in the night drawing attention to her breasts. Look how she leans forward to expose them.

She poses attentively, supposedly enamored with that man's company. Honestly, these old grey-bearded fellows wouldn't know what to do with her. But she certainly knows what she wants to do with them!

"Emma, wouldn't you agree?"

Oh, what did she say? "I'm sorry, dear. My attention wandered..."

"I asked you if you didn't agree the banquet was going very well."

"Of course!" I reply, lifting my glass for a sip, mindful not to spill even a drop of red wine on my with white lace gown even though my hand trembles. Going well? I'm not sure if we are making money for our orphans' charity, but certainly that gold-digger of a tart is having a good night.

"Well, Charles...I mean, Mr. Forsythe, and I have an announcement to make." She nods to that gentleman, who had her attention all evening. He rises, lifting himself supported by a cane he keeps latched on the table.

"Ahem, well, Ladies and Gentlemen!" he says, turning to launch a feeble smile all around the room. "Miss Bancroft has graciously accepted my proposal for marriage. I have asked for her hand, and she has accepted."

The whore! She's caught herself a millionaire! "Miss Bancroft, may I have a word," I murmur, nodding to the old geezer next to me to help with my chair. " the other room."

Startled and fumbling, she rises and follows, I, myself. already being halfway to the cloak room. I spin on my heel and confront her as soon as she closes the door behind us.

"I was just wondering," I say. "May I borrow your pink flower?"

Without a word, she takes it off and hands it to me. I pin it to my gown and pause to admire the effect. It droops the fabric low, exposing my cleavage. Perfect! I nod to her to go.

Smiling, I head back to the banquet. Time to catch me a millionaire!

Copyright 2008 JO Janoski

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Morning Walk

Birds chirp
in glass twinkles.
Dew-drenched droplets raining
In music to soothe my poor soul
with song.

Copyright 2008 JO Janoski

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Sun Remarkable

Sun by Andy Warhol

Sun remarkable,
how like a god your brilliance,
Mystery of life,
Light incomprehensible,
Burning sphere who would be king.

Copyright 2008 JO Janoski

Wednesday, May 07, 2008


Racehorses in a Landscape by Edgar Degas


Rainbow-arrayed vests
at ease while sleek-legged mounts
scratch hooves on rough grass
while groaning rhythmic drum beats
twisted round pent-up fury.

Copyright 2008 JO Janoski

Saturday, May 03, 2008


Dogwood by Albert Bierstadt


Nature hymns
Dabbing in soft hues
Brush branches
Respectful words befitting
A Sanctuary.

Copyright 2008 JO Janoski

Thursday, May 01, 2008

The Swan


Queenly white
Evening procession
Head held high
A rare gem on blue waters
Softly gliding home.

Copyright 2008 JO Janoski