Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Whispering Secrets

Sunlight Under the Poplars by Claude Monet

Whispering Secrets

I walk my heart gathering bits of sun.
Lacy trees sway their limbs in swift hello
while I pleasure in this world of just one
adrift in flower sea orange yellow.

Bird songs drift by on breezes soft yet warm,
air ballerinas twirling on tip toe.
Nature lingering like honey bees swarm,
I'm longing to stay and needing to go.

Life everlasting in fields filled with sun,
and I, an interloper in this dream.
Other-worldly reveries will be spun
after I've gone as sun and wind shall deem.

Flowery fields glisten, shimmer in gold
whispering secrets never to be told.

Copyright 2008 JO Janoski


  1. JO
    from the title clear through to the last lines--wonderful imagery--like it very much

  2. It would appear that it is officially spring... Jo declared it. Beautiful, kid...

  3. Love Monet
    a very apret po write for the lovely image.
    "interloper in a dream"

  4. Jo, the first line reeled me in, "I walk my heart gathering bits of sun". The entire poem fits the picture well. Also loved the line "and I, an interloper in this dream".

  5. A lovely, delicate poem, great imagery, lovely rhyme scheme. (And thanks for your thoughtful comment on my piece about my Dad.) The painting and poem go beautifully.