Saturday, May 31, 2008

Word Catalyst is Live

Another issue of Word Catalyst is up! What a wonderful issue it is, with Rock Painting (bold, rich animal portraits on rocks), Photography, Poetry, Short Stories, and our group of regular columnists, myself included. What a great way to spend your Sunday morning! Word Catalyst Magazine

Also be sure to order our Keepsake Edition of Inclinations, the Word Catalyst Chapbook.

Here is a snippet from my column, Tales of Whisper Gap, for this month:

"You know. Gertie, perception is a crazy thing--there are two ways to see everything. Mother and I saw that mirror as a beautiful antique, unlike you, who hated it. Oddly, that's the one thing we agreed on." Lee turned away, murmuring, "Wretched old bat, I'm glad she's dead though."

Her animosity toward Mother was the one dark feature of Lee's otherwise pleasant nature. The two battled each other with a vehemence that often resulted in objects hurled and threats made. And, in contrast, Mother always called Gertie her "good girl" her sister's consternation.

Gertie knew there were times when Mother would use her to unwittingly cause grief for Annalee, inspiring her do things to make her sister angry or jealous. Ah, Mother was a legend in her clever ploys!

...Mother's Good Girl- Read entire column.

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  1. I was so happy when I got this email from Shirley. Just wondering what poems will be in the book.