Sunday, June 12, 2005


I read a news story about community activists who hit the streets posing as hookers and street people to clean up their neighborhood of people looking for sex or cocaine.

If someone propositions one of these folks, the poor victim is promptly handed a flyer stating he is being videotaped and to be sure and check out the 11:00 news.

What a humiliation that would be--for a man to have his family and friends see video of him making a business deal with a hooker. Well, I believe in the power of shame to clean up behavior. Remember when you were little, and you had to stand in the corner wearing a dunce cap? Well, not me, of course. I was a vision of good behavior. LOL...but I digress.

How often do you think people would get drunk, steal, or buy sex if someone popped up with a flyer announcing their indiscretion would be fodder for the 11:00 news?

Really, this could be better than Superman to clean up Metropolis! Starting in our own homes--Hubby leaves the seat up? Wifey can pop out of the linen closet with her camera and flyer; taking the last cookie out of the jar--gotcha! Picking your nose! Now your experience can be shared! 

And in the world outside--scratch that car in the parking lot? We saw you! You'd better put a note on the windshield! Coming out of a motel room with your secretary when you're supposed to be at a business meeting? Whoa boy! You're on the news tonight!

I only see one problem. This will make Orwell's Big Brother seem like the Angel of Goodness--the primary reason being: it wouldn't be Big Brother doing the watching...Big Brother will have become all of us. Maybe those folks masquerading as hookers should reconsider.

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  1. I believe prostitution is wrong, but setting people up, I dont really know how I feel about this.
    Thats why we have detectives. I think it can be a dangerous thing to put the law into your hands.