Thursday, February 02, 2006

Two Books Released in the Wild
at Ross Park Mall and Northway Mall, Pittsburgh

That may seem a strange statement if you are not familiar with I recently registered two proof copies of my latest book, Bridges to Burn. The purpose of BookCrossings is to make the whole world a library with avid readers depositing books in public places to be found, read, and enjoyed. Whoever finds a book is requested to register their find at BookCrossing and then release the book "into the wild" when they are done with it--or perhaps give it to a friend to read and pass on as he/she would like. 

It is an exciting, whimsical process, appealing to the sense of fun and fancy in all of us--to follow the journey of a book from one hand to the next, from one locale to the next. If you've ever heard of, it is the same premise.

So, I released my books at Ross Park Mall yesterday on a bench in front of Children's Palace, and one at Northway Mall on  a chair in the mall area by the restrooms and by the food court. If you find one of my treasures, please read it and pass it on...

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