Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Painter (The Yellow Blouse)

This is the second part of a writing challenge to interpret this painting with both a poem and a story.
Please see the
poem for the first part.

The Painter

The Yellow Blouse, part 2

She's posing for me. The love of my life, tightened lips, eyes that turn away from my gaze. Does she find me abhorrent? Her mother insisted... insisted on this portrait. For I, lame troglodyte that I am, could never have summoned the courage to ask her to sit for me.

I'm just a simple man, an artist, but I have gazed upon her beauty all my life, since we were mere children playing together on the streets of this little village. Even as a child, she was sprightly and determined. And I, poor soul that I am, laid back in fear of her awesome light. Indeed, as young people, she was known to bully me a bit.

And then, we grew older, and her attention waned. When I entered a room, she bustled away, averting her gaze as though I came bearing the plague as an unwelcome gift. Soon I found her disregard cut me to the quick as I moped away in sorry rejection. I never had the courage to act on my love, so I deserved the disdain of her avoidance.

She looks so lovely today in her yellow blouse. It hangs over her sweet bosom in folds of beauty like an angel. Ah, and the cross reminds my lustful cravings to retreat and heed her virtue. Alas, I shall never have my precious. I cannot even keep the painting, as I must deliver it to her mother forthwith. I shall never possess even the slightest trinket of her being.

Verily, I don't believe I can survive this life with such agony in my heart. Today, I shall gather my paints, present the canvas to her mother, nod goodbye to that lady and her sister, with nary a glance at my love. I shall go home and retrieve the revolver from my desk drawer...and end this wretched sadness forever.

Copyright 2007 JO Janoski


  1. Reads like a 19th Century love poem, JO... filled with anguish and regret. I especially liked "And I, poor soul that I am, laid back in fear of her awesome light."

    Your poem and story bring perspective to POV's of both participants. Well done!

  2. I see you are still at blogspot. As always I enjoy your works.

  3. jo... i am thrilled to see you took the leap to blogger.. it is soooo much more user friendly... and i think if you look around a bit you will find a much larger audience for your work...

    i am still snowed under,, but plan to get to the chain fiction here in the next day or two.....