Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Last Breath

Last Breath
Sunset hums with gold ribbon strands
soaring like birds on moody skies
seeking sturdy limbs to withstand
autumn breezes with wintry eyes.
Amongst quivering brown leaf folds
infusing hymns with golden hues,
Fall time God-wonder to behold
in glowing trees with life renewed.
One last dance before life force goes,
lonely time for leaf dance display
to shimmer golden before snows
at winter's hand bring sultry days.
Last breath of gold in final glows,
soon to tremble as winter blows.
Copyright 2008 JO Janoski


  1. birds on moody skies--this is full of wonderful imagery--love it

  2. yowsa
    very beautiful rendition.

  3. "birds on moody skies"--I like this line, too... You evoked for me the slightly melancholy sensation of autumn's moving toward winter, without making it *sad*.

  4. Awhh too soon the cold winds blow.
    Beautiful stance Jo. Hey how do ya like these cold nights. Really feeling it today!

  5. Thanks, everyone, for catching the gentle drift of this poem. Jo, I wore my first turtleneck yesterday. Brrrrr.

  6. Jo, your poems always inspire! When I read this, I don't see a brutal, untimely death...only a required transition to again bring life.

  7. Your words exceed the beauty of the painting. thanks

  8. This was beautiful. If I remember isnt this a sonnet?

  9. Terry,
    Yes, it is a sonnet! JO