Sunday, May 10, 2009

Maytime Whimsy

photo copyright JO Janoski

Maytime Whimsy

Life grows on a tiny green stem
surrounded by green-leafed mayhem.
Shaking, fluttering swift breezes,
wind comes and goes as it pleases.
Until one day tiny pips dressed in white,
all smile as one in morning's softest light
while in tall trees music gathers from birds
singing hymns graced in beauty without words.
And the flowers open and hum in turn
until blustery winds again return
scattering leaves and blowing dirt
in chattering rainy dripped spirts.
Each precious flower turns its face away
and hides sweet smiles for another day.
And even if winds destroy it,
nature will again with joy employ it
every year in May, every spring, 
the pips look up when musical birds sing.
Copyright 2009 JO Janoski


  1. Well done, Jo. A reminder of the cyclical patterns of and death, one feeding the other.

  2. Hey Jo,

    I love your spring poem, and I've got a ton of these lily in the valley in fact they've taken over a whole section in my flower garden! I tried to slim them out, and came back by the bunches!

  3. Jo, these are one of my favorite spring flowers. I have many fond childhood memories of picking them not for my mom but for my dad. Thanks for sharing your poetry. I'm a fan.

  4. Thank you, Dan, Jo, and Kimberly! This is one of my favorite flowers. I'd be happy to have them take over our entire place. lol.

  5. This is beautiful, Jo. I agree with you... they are one of my favorites too. They are just beginning to bud in my part of the woods!

  6. A beautiful pic and poem!