Saturday, February 19, 2011

That Great Unknown

defines my spirit
as I walk That Great Unknown
wondering where I am to go now,
to settle on life's purpose.
Is this all there is
or will be?

In these times
I sense your shadow
but know I'll never see you.
On sunny days I foolishly think
you're walking with me, smiling.
I should know better.
You are blind.

Why should I
not have your secrets
to explain uncertainty?
I want to know all explanations,
and ascertain all reasons,
life with no riddles.
To see all.

Will you walk
with me and whisper
secrets of That Great Unknown,
fill my mind with knowledge eternal?
Alas, I knew you would not.
My only chance is
to have faith.

Copyright 2011 JO Janoski


  1. I always love your writing and sorry I have not been to your site.

  2. I agree with Terry loved this piece Jo!!