Sunday, April 17, 2011

Lost at Sea

Lately I skim along time's glass surface.
Indecision, confusion fill my days
as I wonder what is my life's purpose.

I slip, I slide. My mind is in a daze.
My feet walk on ground with no real design.
My being boasts no guidance through life's maze.

My fate is clear. To wander I resign.
Anchors away! I'm truly lost at sea.
I'll splash. I'll flounder til the end of time.

Is this it? Is this the essential me?
But wait! Do I sense your dear presence near?
Remembrances! Of how we used to be.

In a flicker, in a light, one so dear,
spinning dreams in rainbow-sparkled starlight,
My soul ignites as clarity appears.

Dear one, you come when darkest is the night,
to light the way to my illusive soul,
where necessary wisdom knows what's right.

Copyright 2011 JO Janoski

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