Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Oh my Gosh! I Love This Program!...

OMG! A sweet romantic comedy, and it's on TV now, in this jaded, tainted, sex-obsessed world of the 21st century. I am in love with a new program I saw last night--How I Met Your Mother. It is a backward-walking story, beginning with the voice of Dad   twenty years from now, telling his children a story of how he met their mother. And we learn how he met a woman in a bar, but that's just the beginning. 

Every one of the four main players is a strong entity in his/her own right. These characters are not particularly hip; they're regular folks whom you wouldn't mind as having friends, the kind of friends you can actually depend on. Lily and Marshall, a cute-as-Christmas school teacher and a lawyer who frankly, is much nicer than any lawyer I've known. (Sorry to my attorney friends--yinz guys are fine, but some of your breed, yikes!). Then there is the main guy, Ted--a regular Joe who lives out his insecurities in front of us with doggedness and humor. Finally, there's Barney, his best friend, played with an edge by Neil Patrick Harris.  Everyone else is snuggly and giggly, so the anal-retentiveness of Barney offsets the others well.

This is a good show. I haven't had such a tingly feeling about an ensemble cast since the first episode of Cheers many years ago.

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