Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Be a Kid!...
It's December!...

December--Snow, presents, carols! The Holidays are coming! Suddenly, people act nicer to one another. And all the while, December coaxes the little kid  in all of us to emerge again and smile, just for a while. I'm no exception. So I'm devoting December in my blog to poems about snow and having fun, children's stories, and pieces about Christmas. Even if you don't celebrate Christmas, there will still be items for you. So let's all act like kids together! December is "Be a Kid Month."

Here's a little something you may remember from your childhood...

Snowy Day

The air is as soft
as the snowflakes, flying.
They dance around me
in gentle turns and twists
like ballerinas in the sky.
I plop down on my sled.
The runners are red and hard
against the carpet of gentle snow.
I lie on my belly, head first
and push myself forward.
I'm off--to another world
of wet, swishy noises
and a shower of white stuff
on my giggling face.
Bumping over hard spots
and swooshing downward.
My body and the sled are one
on our raucous journey.
Zoom! The world soars by
in a glorious mist of whiteness.
Until Thud! I reach the end.
The fantasy has bumped into a snow bank.
The magic has splintered into a thousand pieces,
and I'm no longer possessed and flying.
I'm just another kid
with a long walk to the top.

Copyright 2005 JO Janoski 

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