Tuesday, November 01, 2005

My first paragraphs...

Okay, National Novel Writing Month has begun, and I have submitted my first 2,555 words. I found if I get up an hour earlier in the morning, I can get a good start on it, then work at the end of the day when I finish my day job. Today I had extra time, so my word count is good. Here is an excerpt from the beginning:


I remember the first time I saw him, with bandages wrapped around his skull and sitting in front of a window, stooped in a wheel chair, face blank, looking out. Dr. Johnson took me in to make introductions in a private room. There was no name to offer. An amnesia victim. The poor man knew nothing of his past and even less about his future. Not to mention the fact he used to be alive, fully functional. Now a wheelchair controlled his life. What a lost, sorry soul!

"He was found with head trauma, CVA," Dr. Johnson said. "Next to a woman's murdered body on her screened front porch, of all places--no ID on him, no witnesses. We're not sure if he knew the woman or not."

I startled back in alarm. "Next to what?"

"A dead woman, shot in the chest, and this gentlemen was knocked unconscious, lying on the porch. The police haven't pieced together the crime yet. He, of course, has no memory of the event."

I looked to Dr. Johnson, expressing horror in my gaze and asking with my eyes the question--who killed the woman?

Copyright 2005 JO Janoski 

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