Sunday, January 01, 2006


Lazy Weekend
My personal snooze-fest
and three salutes!

What a nice, easy-going weekend. We watched the ball come down in Times Square on TV. Poor Dick Clark! Salute, fella! I admire the way you came back from a stroke fighting.

Earlier in the day, we went shopping at a dollar store. I bought the funniest pair of slippers. Each foot is a big reindeer head with a funny smile, big eyes, and antlers with gold bells on them. When I walk, they jingle. The slippers make me happy. I think it's because the bells make me think of Christmas.

My next salute goes to Jerome Bettis, just in case he retires next year. But mostly because I think he is the greatest, and I just want to give him a big old salute.

Do you make New Years resolutions? I don't, but I realized today some resolutions are trying to backdoor their way into my psyche. What I mean is, I have some spare time on the computer, and as I surf I'm finding things I think I should do. For example, in one place I read how to set up a system to write on the fly by having a writing kit ready when an odd five minutes present themselves. I think I signed up for a newsletter at that site, like I need another one to read. Then there was the site with a walking program to get me in shape by working my way up to a 30 minute walk everyday. Wow! That was interesting. I signed up for their newsletter, too. Now I'm going to get email every week telling me how much I should increase my walking time each day. Was I crazy? Oooooh, I'm not going to do that! What was I thinking?

Oh well, I'll just put on my reindeer cuties and relax with a good book and make that third salute to me because I look so darn cute in these slippers.

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