Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Pants Drop in New York

New York Pants Drop
Not Everybody Laughs!

In New York, eight pranksters were issued citations for disorderly conduct when they dropped their pants and showed their underwear in a subway station. They are a group called "Improv Everywhere" and it was a stunt intended to make people laugh. More than 160 riders participated in the escapade before the police stopped them. The Improv group claims their intentions are to create scenes of chaos and joy in public places around New York and not to offend.

It seems to me the police in New York have more important matters to deal with than people dropping their pants in the subway...you know, like people dropping in the subway. But then again, many riders may not see the humor in a gang pants-drop. Personally, I would. Do you think that kind of wild prank could ever happen in Pittsburgh?
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