Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Get Away

Ships by Louis Toffoli

Get Away

To sail life's sea of jewels gleaming bright
where clear waters reflect my peace of mind,
I'll skim those seas from dawn 'til pensive night
when knots of indecision will unwind.

Night worries, undo me, fear in plain sight.
I'll spread my sails like wings of butterflies
and learn to fly to morn emerging bright
to soar in dawnlit exuberant skies.

To wrap myself in day's surefootedness,
and let soft breezes reassure my soul.
I'll fix my sails to catch free white goodness
and fill my heart with dreams to make me whole.

Get away, get away, run from the night.
Sail blue seas, chasing dreams, stay in the light.

Copyright 2008 JO Janoski


  1. beautiful poem--like the image that goes with this

  2. Devoutly to be wished... I hope your journey is spent entirely in the light.

  3. Very poignant picture you paint with your words, Jo. My sea of life seems to be turning up fools gold and I fear the stolen treasure map I’m using for navigation is a fraud. Should have used a ‘Garmin’ I suppose!

  4. Yes, a lovely, moving poem....and great image.

  5. Thank you, Friends. I just loved the picture, and I was trying to keep with the magical spirit it conveys.