Friday, June 13, 2008


Dali Atomicus
by Philippe Halsman

Soft sounds while quietude silently roars.
Stillness screams in my head discontented.
I'm unhappy here, restless to my pores.
I yearn for trouble; I'm malcontented.

Make violins screech and cats fly through air
with waters gushing rivers on the run.
Quiet must end; I begin to despair.
Make noise, that rambunctious clatter of fun.

Why does excitement pause like a shy girl
while ennui stabs me with nothingness pricks?
Strike up the band! Find good china to hurl!
Throw out those stoics along with their tricks!

Boredom whisper-kills in vaporous hues.
Blot it out with red-dressed obstinate blues.

Copyright 2008 JO Janoski


  1. Now, this one *I* indentify with. Let's inject a little mischief into things and see what shakes out of the bag! Rage on, McDuff...

  2. Like your villanelle Jo. We need alittle malcontent to stir things up!

  3. Bob, I knew you'd like this, you scamp! ;)

    Jo, thank you. Rage on!