Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Light Illusive

The Light Illusive

Illusive, it trickles through cracks in my gritted teeth,
warming, illuminating
parts of my being I meant to keep mine.
I reach to grab it, contain it, send it away
and it jiggles like jello.
It's here to stay.
Annoying, it talks.
Tells me to be better,
to sing,
It's the voice of motivation, I suppose.
But it doesn't have my tones,
my diction.
It's someone else's voice.
It won't go away,
even after you're gone.

Copyright 2008 JO Janoski


  1. Very good Jo. Self-motivation often eludes us. We push ourselves much higher when considering expectations of others.

  2. "...illuminating
    parts of my being I meant to keep mine."

    And how stubborn we can be trying to keep out that voice. I wonder why we fight against it so hard?

  3. Yes the light of motivation is always upon us, if only I could let it in! I've got organization, but lack motivation! "Jiggles like jello." "Laughs." Interesting thoughts Jo!

    P.S. I'm checking out your new copyright thingy in your sidebar! Thanks!

  4. Hi Folks,
    Actually, when I wrote this, I was thinking of a special friend--the best kind who lifts you up rather than pulls you down.

  5. Hi Jo, I sensed that you were referring to the light of someone very special. That light will forever shine inside of you... even if it should go out. That's the gift of love and it stays behind in our hearts.