Sunday, November 30, 2008

WordCatalyst Prompt -- Snow Scene Haiku

Photo Copyright JO Janoski

A WordCatalyst Prompt
-- Haiku

Tree shadows splatter
across icy white snow sheets
searching for warm souls.

As I skim pure snow
shadows of trees beckon me
to follow dark trails.

Shimmering shadows
whisper in morning sunlight
about days to come.

Copyright 2008 JO Janoski


  1. Hey Jo,

    Great haiku, makes me think of Winter! Are you geared up for the rain and snow coming! :)

  2. Hi Jo, welllllll, I guess I'm ready...

  3. enjoyed this piece

  4. Scot and Terry, thank you! Oh, and Brrrrrr! Sorry, couldn't help that. It's just that picture looks so cold!

  5. great haiku. it's a form I've never been able to get. really not sure why. I saw you were from the 'burgh, and wanted to say hello from erie. I'm originally from PGh, so I'm always looking for yins' :)