Thursday, April 30, 2009

For Bob Church

Bob Church's soul passed from this earth last evening. At his birthday party last September a book with inscriptions from his friends was presented to him. I'm posting my contribution below in respectful tribute to a man larger than life. Rest in peace, Bob! Oh, and I'd better add, Behave yourself up there!

My Friend,
It is hard to get mushy when writing you a poem, so I decided to stress the power of your words instead. That's what you are, a vibrant, colorful, smiling force who has at one time or another cornered each of us in a room (cyberally speaking, of course) ... and charmed us with your gracious humor and heart. Always stay your rowdy, crazy self. Not to worry, we all know the teddy bear who lingers behind the pen. I can't tell you how thrilled and honored I am to spend your Birthday here in MO with you, your family, and our circle of eccentric [snort!] friends. Love, JO

Powerful Words

Lazy dog writing
is for others, not for you.
Your words blast through air
with unabashed energy
irreverent now
and passionate forever.
Still breezes tingle
from your mighty pen's assault.
And your words are etched
in broad strokes flying through space
straight to open hearts
simultaneously touched
with Bubba-esque verve.


  1. Anonymous5:27 PM

    How many angels do you think he's ticked off (or has caused to spew manna into their harp strings) by now? :)

    The internet has been an empty space without him these past months. Hard to think of the world without him.

  2. What a fun thought about the angels! I wonder if he'll send them dirty emails. Hahahahahahahah.

  3. Hello Jo,

    A fine tribute you made for Bob. I'm sure he's itching for a comeback to you. The comments you two made just cracked me up! With all the wonderful friends he had a Word Catalyst, I'm sure his family will also miss him terribly. My condolences to all!

  4. I can just see him now... trying to send us a video of the whole thing! I agree, he left a great big whole in cyberspace!

  5. duh! that would be hole!

  6. Thank you so much for your kind words about Bob. We were friends and I am a better person for having known Bob and having worked with him professionally in the water treatment world.

    Paul Lark

  7. Paul,
    That was the remarkable thing about Bob. Once, merely, you met him, undeniably, automatically you acquired a new friend.

  8. Kim Church3:33 AM

    Jo, Dad did have a certain knack for saying the wrong thing at the right time... lol.. but he did have a sensitive side... I'll share with you all his last email to me after i'd read "Seasons Beckoned Unto Night" ( a story he told me would help me better understand his relationship with my grandfather and deal with his death as well)

    Hiya, Bones...

    Loss is tough... no matter who you are or what your background. Dad and I were as different as day and night, yet as much alike as sugar and honey-- and neither one of us would have ever admitted it if threatened with a horse-whipping. That's why we probably never saw eye to eye on anything, I felt like I never measured up to his standards, and he wasn't about to let me know how much he cared for me, because that wasn't the 'manly' way of going about one's business. But, when the time came and I realized that I suddenly had a big hole in my life, I had to find a way to admit that I'd loved him all along, even if he'd never allow me to say it to him (or he to me). So, I guess the lesson is very simple-- never let your loved ones fall asleep not knowing where they stand with you. Because I promise you, a day will come when you'll wish you had.

    I love you, Bonesie... and I always will.


    Thats it... Imagine that! My father, the man we know as Bob Church, never told he was loved by his father or feeling like he never measured up. He sure did a hell of a job instilling love in his own family despite it... I'll quit rambling.

    I wonder if he were made a saint.... Would he be called St Bubba? ,lol Peace!

  9. Kim,
    Thanks for sharing. His absence continues to haunt us here on the web. Every time I do a post, I wonder what Bob will comment on it. Then I remember...