Monday, May 30, 2005

Googly Googly!....

I read a news story of how a woman is planning to sell advertising space on her newborn baby's clothing and baby goods. She will make the sales on ebay and Craigslist. Expecting $1,000 for one month of advertising, she figures everybody looks at cute little babies, right? This lady got the idea after learning of a woman who offered to have advertisements tattooed on her body.

The poor baby! As if it isn't bad enough for a kid when people put their big old faces down to the buggy and warble nonsense like, "Googlegooglegoogly! There's the baaaby! Hullo! Hullo! Little baby!" the big old face will pause to read advertising about, I dunno, maybe used cars or something, and then ask, "Would the wittle baby turn over so I can read what's on her wittle butt?" The degradation! Babies everywhere should demand a cut of the action! $$$$$ 

This will be my last blog for a week while I wander off to do an arts and craft show. If you are in the Pittsburgh area, stop by our booth at Monroeville Mall, Wednesday thru Sunday. Enjoy our collection of beautiful Pittsburgh cityscapes, also available at Janoski Studio.


  1. Ads on BABIES, yet?? I just hope the earnings are put in a college-savings for the babe; what with the cost of 'higher education' nowadays, this may be a very good idea!

    We'll miss you this week, JO. But your absence is for a worthy cause: getting those beautiful photographs out to the public (maybe a book or two, too :o), AND for body and home maintenance!
    Sell 'em all, girl!

  2. I hope you have success with your show.