Sunday, May 22, 2005


.....As the TV season comes to a close, my reality programs are coming, one by one, to their conclusions. How I wished Ian would win Survivor! Being a Pittsburgher, I was painfully aware that a win by Ian would have given my fair city a complete trio of hometown winners: Jenna, Amber, and finally, Ian. Alas! The fellow went and got values at the last minute--putting friendship above victory by offering his opponent, Tom,  the million bucks if he could have that man's friendship back after a serious betrayal. Ah well. To be truthful, I admired what he did, and he made the folks back home proud anyway--just in a different way than we planned. 

Charlie, The Bachelor, remained fun to the end, although I must say no sooner was I thinking how refreshing it was to have a bachelor with a pragmatic air about denying roses to the beautiful ladies, i.e., paraphrasing, of course,"Sorry you didn't get a rose. Everyone can't. Too bad! See ya!" Well, as the show got closer to the end, pragmatic Charlie cracked and became tearful on more than one occasion. But nonetheless, he remained the most decent bachelor I've ever seen on the program. When he told the final two babes, he wouldn't go much beyond kissing them because to do more to one would be disrespectful to the other, I could hardly believe my ears. And he wasn't afraid to ask for an unprecedented extra two weeks to date, sans cameras, in order to make a more realistic decision. Bravo, Charlie! Finally, he chose "Little Sarah" in the nicest final ceremony I think I've ever seen. Good man, Charlie!

And then The Apprentice--down to two contestants--street smart Tana and book smart Kendra. My good vibes about Tana turned sour on the program a few weeks ago when in selling limited edition tee shirts, designed by a prominent artist, she sewed beads on them to "jazz them up." My Gawd! Did the artist know she did that? Someone should tell him. Thankfully, Kendra won. She needs some work on her people skills--but she is young, and I think those instincts will develop naturally. 

I'm pleased to announce I have been interviewed for the June issue of Living Well  free ezine. This is also the issue with my inaugural CameraWorks photography column. This month focuses on the basics of light and photography. If I were you, I'd run, not walk, to join this group and get that June issue. Here is the address:

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