Sunday, May 01, 2005

Reflections on a Sunday Afternoon

A persnickety Sunday--cloudy with wind rushing one minute, sunny and glistening bright the next. What is a person to think? Spring has enlivened the bird population on our acre, and I hear the little chatterboxes cheep-cheeping out there. It makes a nice music to go with the sunny side of the day. Down on the ground level I see ants scurrying, reminding me that a whole other world of work and competition exists under my heel in the ultimate version of Smallville.

It is good sometimes to stop short and draw in a big breath of life in all of its splendid sizes, sounds, and shapes. A gentle reminder that my self-indulgent ways, always looking out for me, me, me, can blind me to the delicate-appearing yet powerful world just outside my usual view. My heart jumps in surprise when a touch of its simple elegance grabs me in the song of a bird or a brilliant cloud parade rushing across blue sky in beautiful shapes. There is more to see than I could hope to fathom in a lifetime of viewing. So I'd better get started.

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