Thursday, May 05, 2005

Warm Breezes at Last!

The frost in Pittsburgh is finally easing out of the way, giving us a bright, sunny day with even balmier temperatures due toward the weekend. Here is a small tribute to spring birds and warmer days:

Nature Walk

Tiny bird chirps droplets of cheer after rain,
while golden sun skips among the dark spots
on rough-hewn tree trunks with old weathered bark.
Tiny bird swishes past my ear
and sets my heart to racing.
His world isn't mine
and yet, here we are, together.
His world has tiny miracles
that sing together in a chorus of wonder,
while my world blasts and whines and
worships its self-importance.
But I always know to come back,
to the bird chirps, drenching rains, and fragrant flowers.
Because my true identity is encased in this old planet.

Copyright JO Janoski

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