Saturday, July 23, 2005

Man Serves Unusual Sentence....

A man who neglected, treated cruelly, and strangled his dog received an unusual conviction--To wear a sign and stand in the middle of a busy intersection. The sign read: 

I Plead Guilty ... Animal Cruelty is a Crime ... My Dog's Name WAS Salt and Pepper.

He was to stand there all day, but when the Judge stopped by and noted the amount of abuse (Hurrah for dog-lovers!) from passing motorists, she permitted him to quit early. 

Some might consider this an easy sentence; some might say a cruel sentence. Personally, I think it was an effective sentence. There is nothing like the power of extreme public ridicule to make a fella think again next time he is tempted. Remember standing in the corner at school, all red-faced and humiliated.  Could you ever forget the dunce cap? I don't remember, of course, because I'm a goody-goody. But you remember, don't you? ;-) Darned effective, wasn't it?


  1. Sounds more like a circus to me.

  2. Never had to stand in the corner, but I got sent to the principle's office, once :o)
    Yeah, the judge gave a semi-just sentence, but should have added two more hours daily to pick up doggie poop!

  3. I think he should have given him a big fine.