Friday, July 01, 2005

A Restaurant Named "Toilet"?....

Yahoo posted a photo today showing people in Taiwan eating at a toilet-themed restaurant. The restaurant is called the Martun, which means "toilet" in Chinese. It does a great business. Food arrives in toilets; people sit on toilets. It's a toilet kind of place! I dunno. I think I'd lose my appetite before I even walked through the door. And what if you sit on a toilet seat and your brain switches to automatic and you start to relieve yourself out of habit there at the table? 

Should they really call the restaurant the Toilet? Couldn't they be more refined? Maybe call it the Porcelain Pantry or Tasty Flush or something? Don't even get me started on names for the various house dishes!



  1. This is gross, but there is a lot sick people who get into that type of stuff.

  2. Yuck...and Double Yuck! You know I'm into good (and sometimes unusual) foods, but this is just too much for me :o) I gotta get that pic out of my head...