Friday, December 16, 2005

The Bashful Swan...

Another Children's Story
from Magic Music Forest

*    *    *

Deep in the forest, a little swan named Wanda lived at a place called Magic Pond. A baby swan with fuzzy, grayish down feathers, her mother and father told her how pretty she was all the time. Wanda never believed them because her feathers stuck out in an unsightly manner. When she got older, she would be prettier, but not now.  Alas, it made her feel bashful. She spent most of her time, all by herself, watching the other birds and animals play. Indeed, at the Magic Pond, fun was guaranteed. How Wanda wished she could have someone to play with, but she doubted anyone wanted to be her friend. 
Urging her to be with the other birds and animals, her mother nudged her, "Aren't you going to go and play, Wanda?" 
Wanda answered, "No." She preferred to nestle under some plants along the shore and watch the others. A silly goose named Belinda always brought a smile to Wanda's face.  The bird could not swim, but kept trying nonetheless.  The little goose constantly fell head first into the water.  "She is lucky she doesn't drown herself," Wanda thought out loud one day.  
"You're right." 
The voice startled Wanda, and she turned to see Oscar the Turtle beside her. 
"Hello," she said in a little voice. 
"You are Wanda, aren't you?" the turtle asked. 
"Belinda is sure having a hard time of it, trying to swim." 
"Yes. I guess it must be hard for her to do." 
"Yes," Oscar replied as he bobbed his head in thought. "It looks as though you have some free time. Maybe you could help her." 
"Yes." Oscar leaned closer. "Just between you and me, she told me she really needs help but is too shy to ask anyone." 
Belinda was shy! Wanda never considered the fact that anyone other than she might be bashful. Maybe she could help the little goose. Belinda was, after all, bashful just like her! 
"Well, what do you think?" Oscar asked. 
Wanda ruffled her feathers and prepared to swim over to Belinda. "I think I'll try," she told Oscar. Turning as she swam away, she added, "Thanks." 
The closer she came to the goose, the more she trembled. Upon arriving, she stammered, "D-d-do you need some help learning to swim?" 
Little Belinda, the goose, looked up in surprise at the swan. "Oh yes! I could sure use some help!" she said. "Errr... if you don't mind."    
Well, the two birds became fast friends. Happy she found the courage to offer help to Belinda, Wanda learned a lesson. From that day on, whenever someone made her afraid or bashful, she tried to think of a favor she might do for them. She had discovered a helping hand leads the way to friendship. 

Copyright 2005 JO Janoski 

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