Monday, December 12, 2005

Are Burghers Too Principled?

Shucks, Rafe didn't win Survivor!

It happened with Ian last time. He found his integrity, trading the money for friendship with Tom. Bye, bye, million dollars! Now, Rafe decided to be a nice guy and release Danni from their previous pact to take the other to the final two if one of them won immunity at the end. "You don't have to pick me, Danni! That's okay!!" Argh!

Why, why Rafe!!! The burden wasn't upon you to release Danni from the agreement. It was her choice to make on her own. In fact, you made it easier by releasing her from all guilt whatsoever. What a gift!You ended up dumping crap in your own lap when she merely listened to you. Couldn't you be a little more devious, Rafe? If not for you, how 'bout the Burgh? We want our trifecta  of Survivor winners! 

Sheesh, is there something in the water around here?

Copyright 2005 JO Janoski 

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