Friday, December 09, 2005

The Clumsy Goose...
A story to read to the kids...

Little Belinda splashed in the water, flailing her wings while lifting her head as gracefully as she could manage. The sparkling water swished under her wings and droplets flew through the air like liquid diamonds, some landing on her head and running into her eye. Stumbling, she plunked head first into the water. The trail of water  had obscured her vision and knocked her off balance. Floundering her way to the surface, she honked in frustration. The poor little goose would never learn to dance for the Magic Pond Water Ballet. On the opposite bank, Sheba and Cleo, the black swans, were swimming side by side in graceful motion, elegant necks poised. The water rippled behind them as though the pretty waves were the finishing touch to their performance. Perfection! 

Belinda went to the shore and settled by her favorite rock. Sadly, the little goose didn't feel like preening, since she didn't feel pretty. 

"You look unhappy, Belinda!" Oscar, the turtle, had climbed up on the rock. 

"I'll never be good enough for the Magic Pond Water Ballet." 

"Why is that?" 

"I'm so clumsy! I don't have any grace or beauty." The little goose sighed. 

Oscar the turtle was a smart fella, and he crawled dismally into his shell to think about his friend's problem. Shortly, he emerged, with his little head poking out of the heavy shell. "You know, Belinda, just because you can't dance, that doesn't mean you don't have other talents." 

"What? I don't have any talents!" Belinda murmured. 

"Yes, you do! You have the most marvelous 'honk!' I bet you could be in the musical section, along with the little birds." 

Belinda pondered Oscar's remark. Yes, she had an expressive 'honk.' That was true. Smiling at Oscar, she replied, "Maybe you are right!"† 

Rushing to the center of the pond, she cleared her throat to begin. 


The most beautiful sound ever filled Magic Pond! The other birds gathered around Belinda, in awe of her talent. Sheba and Cleo, the black swans, eased into their most elegant number, dancing to Belinda's music. 

"Hurrah for Belinda! Her honk is the prettiest music of all!" the birds and animals all chanted. 

Thus, a clumsy little goose found her real beauty in an unexpected place, by being herself!

Copyright 2005 JO Janoski 

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