Monday, December 03, 2007

New Chapter Chain Fiction

A snippet:

The silence suffocated Jane. The crazy man hadn't spoken for the last hour. She had thought they were bonding when he admitted they were both victims in the same calamitous soup. But now he sat in the corner, curled up, aloof, as though she didn't exist. When he did at last speak, his voice sliced in acerbic cuts through the dark, digging deep.

"Yep. We're both victims, victims of your hubby."


"Your hubby. I mean, he's chasing me down til I'm stuck in a hole, and he's abandoned you in this hellish cell, as well."

Jane shuddered. The very idea! "Bud did not abandon me." Read more


  1. When I get a chance Ill read the whole thing

  2. I was pulled in by "calamitous soup" and was lucky enough to read on. I liked this a lot. thanks - a fan