Thursday, December 27, 2007

Piano Man

Piano Man II by Justin Bua

Piano Man

Pencil fingers stretch across a keyboard ocean
to tickle obstinate rough edges
of this earthly spinning globe
while his melodies all chip-chopped
with words gasp for breath
in a moody cigarette fog
as his determined digits pound
his misery
and piano man's dagger eyes
slice through his attending adoring fans
who cling to still softness on his worn cap
or black fuzzy beard for comfort
where, alas, none can be found
since piano man never apologizes.

Copyright 2007 JO Janoski


  1. Hi Jo, I like this! You've taken fuzzy black to black fuzzy. lol

  2. You've captured the attitude underlying the painting. I especially liked "while his melodies all chip-chopped
    with words gasp for breath". Nice job, JO...

  3. very nice jo.. you saw him and those he is playing for... i liked that....

  4. Thanks, guys! "Chip-chopped" is actually Pittsburghese, slightly changed. We use the term to describe a lunch meat ham. Funny but it still