Tuesday, December 11, 2007

New chapters for Chain Fiction posted. Here's a snippet:

She glared back. "Did it ever occur to you I'm a person, not just some whore you can force to go down on you whenever you like. I got a family and stuff just like you. I'm a person!"

"Okay. Okay!" Other people were staring. He could feel their eyes cutting into his skin. Their conversation, louder than it should be, didn't help either. He started his stack of pancakes. In his annoyed state, they slid down his throat like cotton balls, sticking along the way.

His eyes rested on her skinny fingers, clutching the fork in a fist like a farmer's wife. Except unlike a farmer's wife, her fingers and thumbs were riddled with cheap rings and her long fake nails boasted a ghastly shade of black. Her bare arms were so skinny, it was hard to believe a living person possessed them. The last time he'd seen arms that thin was his Aunt Frieda days before she succumbed to cancer.

"What are you looking at?" Read more:


  1. Okay, I think I've caught up enough to understand the premise. I'm enjoying the tension between Vic and Jessa, especially given the circumstances. It'll be interesting to follow their resolution of the 'immediate problem'. More, please...

  2. Ill need to go back and read the whole thing. But it dooes seem interesting.