Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Crystalline Poems

Two-Line Crystalline Poems for a Workshop Prompt:

Moody wind whines in spiral curves
blasting Fall leaves in bewildered swerves.

Her grin, a slit empty of grace
happiness never to paint her face.

Forest critters giggle and chat.
Did anyone know they did all that?

Horses racing across great plains
like tycoons vying to make great gains.

Copyright 2008 JO Janoski


  1. Oh, I like yours. I agree, these are like exercising your brain without over working it!

  2. Great images - and again you have great commend of form and function. a fan

  3. I enjoyed your writing today. Your word images are inspiring. With your permission I have added you to my blogroll. Thanks for the creative boost.

  4. great rhythme and rhymes.

  5. Very nice, Jo, but I have a question. What would it be called if you had multiple Crystalline poems, all devoted to a single subject?

  6. wgf x kmf, thank you!

  7. Bob, I don't know. I think the beauty of them is their brevity and the way they "crystallize" a moment. If the poem was longer, the intense focus would be lost, I think.