Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Stolen Hour

Stolen Hour

Where have they gone,
this sunny day?
His chair empty,
her bonnet stays
lace tablecloth
precious array
abundant fruits
roses to say
he still loves her...

Ah, now I see
a stolen hour
some time alone
in her boudoir.

©2008 Jo Janoski


  1. Jo, I can't see the picture, so it's tough for me to interpret the verse. Sorry...

  2. Well, I can see it and it's perfect! To heck with the tea!

  3. I see we have some things in common. I could not see your
    picture either, but your poem
    was full of images. I like how you left the ending to the imagination! Adding you to my
    links, like your blog! :)

  4. The poem was beautiful!

  5. Great image and, as usual, a wonderful use of language - a fan