Saturday, March 01, 2008

Word Catalyst - New Issue

A new issue of Word Catalyst Magazine is up! What a great read for a weekend morning with a hot cup of coffee--stories, poems, artwork, and photos. Did I mention my column?


Freeze Frame

Claudia yawned and stepped out into the pouring rain to fetch her morning paper. Moron paper boy no doubt had tossed it helter skelter over the fence again.

"No Christmas tip!" she murmured. Ah, there it was, in a puddle by the gate. At least the imbecile had put it in the required plastic sheath. But had he tossed another package too? A smaller plastic bag lay next to the Whisper Gap Gazette. She scampered out in the pouring rain, gathered both up and took them inside. Dabbing the smaller one with the hem of her pink terry robe, her heart raced. Claudia spied a camera through the foggy plastic. A tiny, shiny new. Unzipping the bag, she slipped it out. That lady loved a good mystery, so with a trembling finger, she turned it over and slid the back open. ...More

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