Sunday, March 23, 2008

Turkeys on Parade

Turkeys on Parade

By chance, indeed, I did see
Turkeys on parade by me.
Haughty, stubborn, making paths
single file across my grass.

Then gobblers stood high on hills
Guarding hens who ate their fill
Tugging at my grasses green
Seeking buggy treats unseen.

Strolling gobblers puffed-up chests
Clucking orders to the rest.
Feather balls on spindle feet
Floats parading down my street.

Copyright 2008 JO Janoski


  1. Very nice... I've heard turkeys described almost every way imaginable, but I love the mental picture of them depicted as floats. Maybe instead of eating them, we should be just watching them. I will if you will...

    Love it!

  2. The gobblers made me think of parade floats because of their slow slow motion, and big monstrously rounded bodies with feathers all extended and the fan tail in the back. They seemed to float from the weight when they walked. Normally, I consider wild turkeys a nuisance and would just as soon eat them. lol.

  3. When I lived in the Black Hills of South Dakota in the early 90's, we lived out of town and I had a big dog pen with a six foot fence around it where I kept my Lab. When winter came and it was too cold, we brought Fudge inside and left the gate open. One morning, I looked out my bedroom window and there were about 6 turkeys inside the pen, huddled up against the back side, squawking like crazy! They weren't smart enough to figure out where the gate was... if they'd walked around the dog house, they could not have missed it! I'll bet I watched them for an hour before opening the front door and screamed at them until they finally flew out. I doubt there'll be any turkey Rhodes Scholars any time soon...

    Did I mention that they were all hens? LOL

  4. we had these on the farm--they chased the kids, chased the wife--it was a parade to watch

  5. Turkeys on Parade... sounds like a day at work to me.
    So how did the word turkey become one of a negative connotation, I wonder? They are faily majestic and tasty to boot. And they make that really fun sound. I don't get it.

  6. Sounds a lot like my chickens and the way they follow me around the yard. I guess since I'm the only male they know I've become their gobbler.

  7. Yeah, I saw this parade in Washington when the congress was in session - pretty puffed up stuff. great images - thanks, a fan

  8. LOL. A day at the office, Billy the pseudo-gobbler, politicians on parade--I never knew turkeys could be so inspiring. You guys are fun.