Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Hope Spins (Cinquain)

A dark mood today after finding out our fox terrier, Peepers, has only a short time to live:

(A Cinquain)

Hope spins
Whirling circular prayers
Spinning beyond gruesome dark mists
To where?


  1. Is Peppers one of the dogs in the picture? I'm sorry to hear that about your friend... The poem is very moving and I hope that all goes as well as it can.

  2. Harry,
    Yes, she is the black and white one. We brought her home on St. Paddy's Day, 1995. It's hard to believe it's been 13 years.

  3. Hi, Jo... my heart goes out to you. My little poodle, Carla, is 12 and I hear the clock ticking. I'm so sorry.

  4. sorry for that bit of news--it is a moving poem/excellent word choices.

  5. Hello Jo,

    I can surely relate, my chocolate lab is 13 too. I have her on hip and joint medicine, and it seems to help. We went for a nice walk yesterday, and today she was limping. Have to give her some asprin to help the pain. So sad to see our sweet friends get old. My heart is with you knowing our animals are like family!

  6. Jo, so sorry to hear that. I lost my miniature dachshund after 15 years and it was like losing a family member. So sad.