Wednesday, April 30, 2008

New Issue, Word Catalyst

I love this month's issue. Be sure to see my column, "Tales of Whisper Gap." Also, I don't usually pitch other writers' work, but you must read Harry Furness's poem, "Teacher."

Here is a snippet from my column:

Miss Beasley
Before Whisper Gap was a modern city, it boasted being a frontier town nestled in a quiet valley, until Black Bob came to town and shot things up. Who knows what makes a cowboy wild? Why do they wear those big ol' hats and chaps and such, romancing their horses and preferring to shoot their guns over all else.

So, such a shoot'em-up kind of fellow wasn't likely to attract women. But that was before the new school marm came to town. Miss Annabelle Beasley's first words upon spying Black Bob, running through town, guns raised and popping, was, "Oh, mercy!"

And mercy she needed, the school marm fell in love at first sight. But how was a simple school teacher to entrap a gun slinging cowpoke? Miss Beasley set her class to quiet reading every afternoon just so she could stare out the window. Soon Bob would turn the corner, dressed in black, the sun glinting off his spurs, hands hovering above his guns, quivering, until boom boom boom. He'd shoot up the streets, laughing as he watched people scatter. More

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