Thursday, April 24, 2008

Nowhere to Go

Rooms by the Sea by Edward Hopper

Nowhere to Go

At the doorway to tomorrow,
standing in day's first light,
can you hear the water murmur,
waves of chance denying night?

Her house is bleak and empty
having already had its say.
She stands on the edge waiting
but still no one shows the way.

The waves, they become impatient
arguing in expressive lore.
The time has come to move on
to swim to another shore.

Nowhere to go but water
splashing against bare toes.
Time to leap and swim far
to wherever that tide goes.

I've heard that if you pray hard
the angels hold your head high
above those choppy waters
enabling one to fly.

Copyright 2008 JO Janoski


  1. If faith is the only issue, then the trip should be safe, wherever it may lead. Nice, Jo...

  2. Hi jo,

    Loved the rhyme in your poem, and the last stanza very nice! :)

  3. life does often appear this way

  4. last four lines--awesome!!!

  5. Brilliant imagery; the art piece above is fascinating and beautiful too;

  6. Interesting picture accompanied by an even more interesting interpretation.