Saturday, July 05, 2008

The Talk

Painting by Claude Monet

The Talk

Sandy beach drowned in soaking sun
mother-daughter summertime fun.
Flowered bonnets belying gloom,
mother-daughter impending doom.
Before daughter speaks, mother's won.

No ruby lips, no ankle shows.
You're much too young for all of those.
Now sit pretty. Leave me alone.
Don't want to hear you whine and groan.
You're just too young for adult clothes.

Some day you'll come, my dear, to be
a dazzling beauty, just like me.
White grace on show within your smile,
glimmering, dangling necklace style
without need for immodesty.

Copyright 2008 JO Janoski


  1. From the looks of some of the teen gals I see today, they haven't received the talk

  2. agree with dan--when did we quit saying no

  3. Fellows, you're so right!

  4. Sometimes I think I belong in another era, one in which you depict here. My daughter also belongs to the me generation, we put her to work for all her demands. A lovely poem Jo! :)

  5. could you imagine having to dress that way in this heat?
    granted I'm in Fla and its like 500 degrees already