Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Dark Corners

Dark Corners

Shadows, muffled cries where they meet
crouching in dark corners of love
in this place, so quiet, discreet
love is unleashed, hear the heartbeats
in the closet with coats and gloves.

Stifling moans encased in dark walls
wrapped tight in wool, sealed in leather
pondering love of the other.
Outside said door her husband calls
knowing not what's behind the wall.

Copyright 2009 JO Janoski


  1. Wow, this gives a whole new meaning to coming out of the closet!

  2. And here I thought I was the only one who had such hidden, yummy thoughts. Very sensualo, JO, I love it!

  3. Never know what's lurking in the shadows, secrets the walls and doors could tell! Nice one Jo!

  4. Careful opening those doors...you never know what you're gonna get! lol

  5. Anonymous9:54 PM

    Oooh, this is neet, JO... and it *could* be mice, ya know.

    Seriously, I like the "surprise" ending...

  6. Mice with vices...I wonder if they'll smoke ciggies after. Snort!

  7. Hey Jo,

    Love your new profile photo! Go Steelers! Hey I tagged you on my blog! :)

  8. Great job! I always like your stuff.