Friday, January 30, 2009

To Dance Alone

Swinging on air suspended by thoughts deep
white sand beaches warming away your ice

while palms dust away your face in broad sweeps

and I contemplate if it's worth the price.

To drown your memory in waters blue

and chase away that voice to worlds unknown

of darkened clouds and to your nature true

with bumpy roads and winds that whine and moan.

I'll float in space warmed by a happy sun

while soft breezes hum songs of paradise

an island built on happiness for one

to dance alone, true spirit realized.

Alone and real with nature by my side

the only sound defined by rising tide.

Copyright 2009 JO Janoski

A Word Catalyst Prompt to write a poem for the picture.


  1. Rich and full, this piece captures a lamenting theme of loss and moving on. Tropical themes tend to inspire me to such thoughts, as well, so I particularly enjoyed the music of your language. Thanks for sharing it with us. Well done!

  2. Your photo and poem make me wish I was there right now! Hey what about all that ice and snow, crazy huh! A nice getaway sonnet you wrote here!

  3. Bob,
    Thank you, sir!

  4. Jo,
    The snow and ice are making me crazy! Thank goodness the SuperBowl is this weekend. I can look at them all nice and warm in Tampa while I throw a log on the fire and tug at my long johns...not really...well, maybe.

  5. Well, you're not alone in that place anymore. I"m claimin' the next set of palm trees for my hammock...

    "Antsmat" this time... hokay...

  6. HEy, PS, how come the terrible towel isn't waving? It's supposed to be waving in that .gif!


  7. Nan,
    I don't know why it isn't waving. Maybe it will wave if we win...

  8. Very well done, Jo. Not what I expected from the picture, but who's to say what a tropical island can be used for??