Sunday, January 04, 2009

Word Catalyst - January Issue

The January Issue of Word Catalyst Mag has been released. The front page is a wonderful tribute by Harry Furness to the poetry of my very dear friend and mentor, Bob Church. I must admit this month's artwork has stolen my heart away, some wonderful viewing for nature lovers everywhere. The photography section has a few shots I took of our recent snow/ice storm; and of course, Tales of Whisper Gap, my column, is ready for your perusal. Here's a snippet:

A box of cotton balls plopped down on his head from an upper shelf. The supply closet was exactly that, a tiny room barely big enough to turn around in. And he was trying to put the moves on a wiggling nurse.

"Dr. Ramsey, are you trying to seduce me?"

He looked at her with disgust as she spoke delivering the lines without feeling. How in the hell did they expect him to act with such an amateur?

"CUT! Marvelous, Pauline! We'll pick up tomorrow! Have a good night, everyone!" The director grabbed his black satchel and raced from the set.

"George, I didn't feel like you were with me in this today, were you?" She asked in gentle tones, slipping the script in her purse as they walked towards the corridor.

He shot her a blank stare. What was he supposed to say? Her acting was abominable. Who could follow her lines? But they were married...more


  1. Hi Jo,

    I loved your storm photos, breathtaking especially the barn one! Looks like we're getting more of a mess tomorrow. Glad I did my shopping today! I really like your stories too! Hey I like your Steelers Sign, was thinking I need one for my blog! Stay warm :)

  2. Jo,
    Help yourself to my Steeler Sign! Right click and have at it! Now I'm off to find my winter woolies...

  3. I'm sendingmy son in to hack that Steelers thing outta there! Okay, well, we can wait until the Super Bowl just in case it's a cross-state deal this year... LOLOL

    Oh, and I *love* your barn in the snow photo--lovely!!!

  4. Hack away! I'll just put it back in again...Hmmm, or maybe I'll hack in and put it on your page!