Friday, August 26, 2005

#14  Coffee is the Best Medicine...
August 26, 2005
...The Strange Happenings in a Coffee Shop
(A serial. You may start reading at any point in the story.
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I went home that night feeling content. I had left in the morning looking for a solution to my writer's block and had filled my day with colorful characters and intrigue. Butch, Brenda, Rose, and Alfred (in whatever form he returned)--they all stole my heart away. Even the geeky inspector transformed to a happy fellow once Rose stuffed him full of her good food. When I left the shop, he was still there with a smile on his face. Rose's pancakes can do that to a person, I reckon.

That night I dreamt of pancakes, pancakes soaked in butter and syrup, and coffee. In my dreams I guzzled coffee. I also chased hobgoblins out of my way...hobgoblins that resembled Alfred. When I woke, I assured myself Alfred would return looking far from a hobgoblin. At least I hoped so.

I needed to get to work...writing; but the next day a restlessness overtook me. First, I couldn't feel comfortable at the office computer; then I decided to use my portable keyboard. I like to go outside and work under the trees while birds chirp and the sun shines. I wasn't there long before my mind wandered to the coffee shop. 

There was something about that was like a playroom. As soon as I walked in, it seemed about as ordinary as sugar plum fairies. Let's face it! Not one person there was what I would call "normal." Each one was a caricature. 

So I abandoned my writing bench and picked up the keyboard and started walking. Who knows what I might be missing? When I reached the end of the block, it hit me.

The coffee shop was a form of escapism for me, a vacation away from it all. Well, that didn't seem right. I couldn't afford to waste time on a vacation. That's when I decided to make it into something valuable. I would do an article about the place. And I would begin by interviewing each of my new friends. Yes, it was time to get to work

To be Continued

Copyright 2005 JO Janoski

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  1. This is great! Seems the story has changed couse, there is something strange mystery about this coffee shop.