Sunday, August 07, 2005

Big Brother - Vote for Kaysar!....

As mentioned previously in this blog, I am a reality show junkie. I'll take human nature on display any day over dramas or music shows. Big Brother 6  has caught my fancy. I think they've got an interesting group in this one, made even better by the fact that they came in secretly as teams, a fact revealed several episodes in. Each couple (friends, lovers, roommates, etc.) pretended not to know each other, only to find out later everyone was playing the same game. Great! Viewers at home were told of the teams much sooner than the participants. If a couple makes it as the final two, the winner gets $1,000,000.00 and his teammate  gets $250,000.00

The first distinct advantage for a forgetful geezer like me (no comments, please!) is the fact that teams are easier to remember people by. But besides that, it makes all the strategy more intense. Couples work extra hard to try and stick together, so in forming alliances you get not just one, but a voting block of two.

A new twist was introduced last Thursday. One member already voted out will be voted back in by the TV audience. The three possibilities are Michael, the artist; Eric, the fireman/captain; and Kaysar, the Iraqi and friend of Michael.  This column is to beg and plead on behalf of Kaysar. I want him back in so badly. He is intelligent, gorgeously good-looking, kingly (as in dignified like a king), and he is playing the most excellent game I have ever seen.  He turned the house upside down before he got voted out, and it was remarkable to see as he secretly put together an unlikely alliance...with the others afterward scratching their heads and asking, "What happened?"

The other likely candidate to be voted back in is Eric, the fireman. He is a fine fellow, but not as interesting or intelligent as Kaysar. I don't know why some of the guests are not bothered by how bossy this guy is. He acts like captain of the firehouse barking instructions, calling for "lights out!" and so on. Typically, on Big Brother (and all reality shows), if you show signs of leadership, you are the first one voted out.  Normal people don't keep bosses around. 

But anyway, it doesn't matter because you are voting for Kaysar, right? Here is the address It's free to vote online, so don't worry. 

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  1. This is the first time I have ever heard of this show.