Sunday, August 21, 2005

Big Brother...

I gotta tell ya, folks, I'm still reeling from Big Brother Thursday night. As you know, I wanted Kaysar voted back in. He was, so that's great. It didn't last long--when Jennifer double-crossed him... [making a note here: never trust a cheerleader] and he ended up on the block. 

But that wasn't the most upsetting part. It was Howie and Janelle. Howie pulled a Jekyll/Hide, turning from a nice guy to hell on wheels, hurling crap at the other team that made my skin crawl. It wasn't in the actual words; it was the venom. April was reduced to tears when he called her husband fat and threatened to eat her dog. Sounds weird in retrospect, but it was her reaction that made it deadly. He and Janelle had choice words for them all and they didn't speak softly--they yelled this crap, shooting it off like machine guns--rat, tat, tat. They called it "psychological warfare"; I call it methods of last resort by people not worth their weight in dog feces. LOL. Thankfully, Kaysar and Rachel were noticeably absent from the festivities. Kaysar, later that night was voted out; I suspect he may have been relieved to get out of there.  I would be.

On Saturday night, Jennifer got voted out; I'd say she deserved it. It isn't like nobody ever lied on this program (remember the mad doctor), but her lukewarm denial that she lied to Kaysar from the beginning of their deal--it doesn't wash.

The bottom line for me is if either Howie or Janelle wins this thing, I'm going to have to puke. Now I don't know who to root for. Frankly, this isn't the most lovable bunch. I'm not even sure this is fun anymore...

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  1. Thanks for keeping us updated on the show.