Saturday, August 20, 2005

Pittsburgh is Busting Out All Over

Sheesh! Pittsburgh is busting out all over this week! A water main break downtown paralyzed the city, stranding workers and disrupting a major TV and radio network. Witnesses claim the water spurted six feet high out of the crumbled downtown street. Basement flooding, streets with water rolling, cars under water--what a mess!

My husband and I displayed at the Three Rivers Arts Festival for over 20 years, and as bad as that was for weather catastrophes, this would have really topped them all if it happened in June. For most of the month of June, those hardy individuals (artists and craftsmen) pitch tents to sell their wares, despite warnings and experience with Gateway Center's high winds and torrential downpours. I wonder how they would react with a geyser flooding like we had this week.

Gateway Center wouldn't be too bad. It didn't get flooded--although if it did, one of those artists would probably rig something to use as a canoe and then paddle around to help others. That's just the kind of people they are--creative and compassionate. The bad part would be flooding in the parking garage. I could imagine vans filled with overstock inaccessible and possibly covered in water. I wonder if insurance would cover that. The second calamity would be no sales--no people--no sales. Ouch! That would hurt--van covered in water, no way to get home, and the final slap--no business. 

Not to worry--Like I said, these folks are resilient. They would still be joking--I can hear it now, "Time to build an ark! Only two per art or craft!"

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  1. Interesting article, I creative people can always come up with something in times of emergencies. LOL!