Monday, August 04, 2008


The Night Window by Edward Hopper


I lie sprawled on concrete
like an alley cat
looking to the stars
my body iced
by frozen concentration
and Jack Daniels
eyes zigzagging the skies
like jet rockets
looking for recognition.
But my supine image
is cast in darkness by your glare
of normalcy
blasting from an electric high tech tower
hovering above me.
I'm nullified by your bombardment
and Technicolor grand-standing.
While in the meantime
I'm amazed by your oblivion.
Are you're blinded by your own bright lights?
I wish you'd keep them to yourself
so I can enjoy the stars.

Copyright 2008 JO Janoski


  1. The human condition personified, in my opinion... how many of us have experienced our light being stifled by another's? Well-stated...

  2. So many things we can see into the night, like an alley cat. There are those blinded by their own bright lights, and want to snuff out the life of others. As always your images are wonderful!

  3. I hear ya, Jo. You tell em, "Keep your light to yourself, buddy!"

  4. Rightious!
    So often folks are so driven to blind themselves they care not whomelse they may blind
    by the by
    and this has nothing to do with nothing bur

    your word verification says "ipdry"
    get it?
    I p dry...
    k, maybe not THAT funny