Sunday, August 31, 2008

September Issue Word Catalyst

The September edition of Word Catalyst is up, and it is one of our finest issues, including a moving tribute to 911, lest we forget. All is not doom and gloom in this issue, however, lots of columns, poems, essays, stories, artwork, and photography. Don't forget to read my column, Tales of Whisper Gap, this month entitled "The Lady in Green."

The Lady in Green

She pursed tiny skittish lips, painted scarlet to join rebellious forces with her luxurious auburn hair. White gloves cloaked the lady's long curved fingers--one could imagine screeching red nails under the cloth; and she wore a green satin dress, shining, shimmering, wrapping the girl in sumptuous folds that insisted, nonetheless, on clinging to her curves. With one shoulder laid bare in defiance, a wide-brimmed hat bellowed her uniqueness to the world. In quiet contrast, it shadowed half her face. But when one eye peeked out, it shot tragic bullets. Read more.


  1. Loved 'The Lady in Green', Jo. Sometimes the ladies get a bad wrap. Men can be just as impetuous!

  2. Thanks, Dan! I really enjoyed writing that one. It rolled right out.

  3. Hi Jo,

    I agree with Dan "Men can be just as impetuous!" I like how you let his imagination fly with hope, and then the let down, and then another ray of hope. Very nicely writtten as usual!